The Ultimate Guide to Vegan Korean Bulgogi


If you’ve fallen in love with the unique taste of Korean cuisine and follow a vegan diet, then this vegan Korean Bulgogi recipe will bring the very best of both worlds to your kitchen. This delicious, plant-based version of a classic Korean dish retains the authentic flavor, yet lets you enjoy it without any guilt or restriction.

What is Vegan Korean Bulgogi?

Vegan Korean Bulgogi is a reimagining of traditional Korean Bulgogi which often uses beef. The vegan version seeks to replicate the wonderful flavors of the classic dish using completely plant-based ingredients. Marinating and grilling tofu or mushrooms offer a powerful alternative enabling you to dive into Korean cuisine fearlessly.

The Importance of Key Ingredients

In every corner of the globe, the culinary repertoire possesses an array of key ingredients that give a distinct taste to each dish. The magic of vegan Korean Bulgogi lies in the simplicity of its ingredients and the complexity of its flavors.

Gochujang is, unarguably, the star of the show. This fermented chili paste is a staple in Korean cuisine and lends a distinct depth of flavor to the vegan Bulgogi. Soy sauce, another integral part of Asian cuisine, adds the characteristic umami flavor, while sesame oil with its nutty aroma elevates the dish to another level. Agave syrup or brown sugar balances the savory with sweetness.

Choosing the Right Proteins

Billions of people around the globe are embracing veganism and proving that you don’t need to compromise on taste or nutrition. This lifestyle choice gives birth to an array of options for meat substitutes in vegan dishes. Our vegan Korean Bulgogi recipe replaces beef with Tofu or King Oyster Mushrooms – both excellent plant-based proteins with brilliant texture mimicking that of the meat and absorbing the flavors beautifully.

Exploring Flavors through Garnishing

Accompaniments contribute substantially to the entire experience of relishing a dish. Add a splash of color, crunch, and extra flavor with the vibrant garnishes – green onions and sesame seeds. Not only they brighten up the plate but also provide a slight respite from the rush of flavors brought forth by Bulgogi.

Making of Vegan Korean Bulgogi

Making vegan Korean Bulgogi at home is pretty straightforward with all the key ingredients in place. A smashing marinade, a sturdy protein, and a fiery grill are all you need to impress your tastebuds.

The Power of a Proper Marinade

The secret to a palatable Bulgogi, whether vegan or not, is essentially the marinade. Compile the soy sauce, gochujang paste, agave syrup, garlic, ginger, and a splash of sesame oil. Mix everything in a bowl to create a marinade that will explode with flavors.

The Importance of Marinating Time

Allow the tofu or mushrooms to soak in the marinade. Note that the longer you marinate, the more flavorful your Bulgogi will be. A minimum of an hour or even overnight, if possible, is the ideal time for marinating.

Cooking and Serving Vegan Korean Bulgogi

After marinating, cook the tofu or mushrooms on a hot grill pan or skillet with some oil until they get a nice char. Serve this flavorful delight on a bed of steamed rice and garnish with sesame seeds and green onions for an additional crunch. Pair it with Kimchi or a Korean Cucumber Salad for a complete traditional Korean meal.


Experience the true essence of Korean cuisine right inside your kitchen with vegan Korean Bulgogi. Its unique taste, combined with its nourishing ingredients, redefines the culinary landscape of vegan cooking. Enjoy this gastronomical journey and leave your family and friends yearning for more!

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